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Some special effects companies can only offer so much; they can rent out items to customers, but even that is limited. Not with us. At Rythm EFX, we have a hunger to create, to innovate, and to push your events to the next level. The idea of any important event is to make it memorable. With our eye for design and dexterity to see our project completed, you could gain a one-of-a-kind prop or DJ booth that will transform your event.

The Art of Props

Props serve two major functions. One, they need to amplify the atmosphere of your event. That means no matter what you are celebrating, presenting, or performing, custom props can amplify the experience. What separates Rythm EFX from other special effects companies is that we have the ability to build, well, anything. Your imagination has no limits, and neither are our still to construct what fits your needs (within reason). We meet each project with the same level of enthusiasm and are able to rise to your expectations of quality. For example, you don’t want a prop that is made with weak materials and lackluster workmanship. You want a prop or DJ booth that is safe to use, unique in design, and offers a greater depth to what you are presenting to your audience.
At Rythm EFX, we know the stakes of your event, and we also know the presence of restricted deadlines. Unlike other companies, we have decades of experience working with clients that require our services completed by a certain date. Due to our experience handling ourselves, our projects, and customer expectations, we rise to meet deadlines with great confidence.

What Custom Props and Stage Pieces We Make

As stated, Rythm EFX is not like any other special effects company. We offer exclusive products, crafted by qualified and experienced staff members. Not only are we able to deliver incredible stage pieces and custom props to our clients, but we are able to expand our own knowledge to meet your needs. No two client requests are the same, which is why we take it upon ourselves to expand our own knowledge and meet design challenges with every project we take on. This means that what you ask for, we can not only create, but we will make it better than your pictured it.

Our special effects services has had the pleasure of assisting companies, musicians, and organizations prepare for their big events for over 20 years. The following are some of the services we can offer our customers:

  • Custom Stage Pieces
  • Props for Performances
  • Custom DJ Booths
  • Custom Sets for Private Events

Whether a musician, an institution, or a private speaker, Rythm EFX has something to offer you, as well as your audience.

Rythm EFX Custom Prop Shop

Contact Rythm EFX today if you are interested in custom prop design. Click here if you would like to view our photo gallery of past projects. Call today!

Rythm EFX Custom Prop Shop

Contact Rythm EFX today if you are interested in custom prop design.

Custom Stage Pieces/Props Photo Gallery

Custom DJ Booths

Custom Sets for Private Events