Enhance Your Performances

Anyone who has seen a theatrical show will know that the performance demonstrates the skill of more than just the performers. In fact, a theatrical performance requires not only actors, but musicians, light design, prop design, and even backstage managers. So, as you can see, a performance is only as good as its full crew. With this being said, Rythm EFX has had the pleasure of assisting many different production companies with their performances. Our services are extensive and can range from light design to custom prop and set-piece design.
In order to demonstrate a change in scene or the tone of a setting, set, props, and lighting are essential. Without them, the audience must rely on the actors and their dialogue to understand what is happening in the scene, or the whole show for that matter. With set design and building, an empty stage can be transformed into Munchkinland in OZ, or the streets of New York City. And, with lighting, an actor’s rage, happiness, or despair can be amplified. Not only that, by lighting can increase tension or suspense in a show as well.

At Rythm EFX, we have had the pleasure to serve many different performing arts productions. Here is a list of some of the categories our company has worked with in the past:

  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Opera
  • Art Galleries
  • Fashion Shows
  • Performing Arts

Custom Prop Designs for Theatrical Performances

Theatrical prop design ranges to almost anything. And with nearly 20 years of experience, Rythm EFX is confident in our ability to meet your production needs and deadlines.
Custom props are what makes a theatre performance change and invite the audience to lose themselves into the world of the performance. Adding props and set pieces is the easiest way to allow both the actor and the audience fully embrace the story of the show and lose themselves in its entertainment value.
At Rythm EFX, our design team pays close attention to every detail of your props and sets. We understand the importance of precision, especially when related to theatrical set design, custom production elements, and lighting; one mistake could disillusion the audience and disturb the actor/actress. So, due to this fact, we are far more pressing to complete your props with incredible attention to detail, attractive design elements, and dependable functionality.

Stage Light Design

Though we do offer concert lighting services, we service theatrical stages as well. The two worlds are very different, yet share some similarities when it comes to lighting. Due to our experience in both variations of lighting, we know the strategies of both concerts and theatrical stages and when to separate the two worlds.
For theatrical light designers, the use of strategy and lighting concepts are a little different. For the theatrical arts, light is a tool to create depth, set moods, and recreate natural light that compliments the stage and performers. Without proper lighting, your production will only feel one-dimensional and lack an essential element to add to the drama of the performance. Because lighting is such an essential piece to your production, you want to rely on a lighting design company that not only knows what they are doing, but can deliver a stunning lighting set every time.

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You can count on us to turn everyday objects into something magical. Our skilled designers are dedicated to bringing your vision into reality. Our pricing comes on a project-by-project basis. If you are interested in our theatrical lighting and design, you should contact us today.