Where Did Confetti Come From?

If you have attended any major event, concert, holiday, or game show, you know what confetti is. Just a few months ago, Times Square was littered with small pieces of confetti in order to usher in the year 2019. But why do we use confetti? Where did it come from?
In this blog, we will be discussing why the world uses confetti and where it came from. By learning more about confetti, perhaps you will want to use it at your next big event. At Rythm EFX, we have confetti cannons available for rent for any of your major events. Whether you have big news, a lively musical performance, or an important holiday to celebrate, a confetti cannon is just what you need.

What Is Confetti?

Confetti has been around for so long that it is older than the printing press. That’s right, our ancestors were more interested in celebrating alliances and holidays than sharing written information. Confetti first made an appearance in Italy during the 14th century, long before the printing press. But what is it? Well, confetti is made of small, cut, steamer paper. Though traditional confetti was made with paper, there are other versions made with mylar or other metallic materials. This is mainly because normal steamer paper confetti can travel great distances and become carried away from the wind. Metallic confetti pieces are heavier, and thus fall to the ground faster.

When Is It Used?

Confetti is primarily used for holidays and celebrations. It was created as a way for the wealthy and social elite to celebrate alliances and marriages. Today, confetti can be used for almost anything. For example, every year the NFL Superbowl uses 2.7 tons of confetti to celebrate the winning team. That means millions of pieces of confetti are used to rain down on the winning teams and their spectators. Confetti, however, can also be used for other events too. For instance, American holidays such as New Year’s Eve, uses 3,000 pounds of confetti to release in Times Square every year. Aside from holidays and special events, confetti can be used for weddings, birthdays, baby gender reveals and so much more.

The History of Confetti

Confetti was first invented in Northern Italy and was used to throw at a crowd of people. High society members back then would throw items, such as coins, rose petals, or perfume-filled eggs to announce a celebration to the lower classes. Over time, coins and fake eggs transformed into paper pieces, as paper is lighter easier to make in bulk. Also, perfume eggs and rose petals were/are very expensive. Eventually, confetti changed to be made from paper because it was also an affordable option. Though confetti initially began as a special item only the rich could use, the lower and middle classes soon adopted it too for major events and parades.

How a Nuclear Physicist Invented Confetti

Confetti didn’t get its official start until the 1800s when Ettore Fenderl came up with the idea to craft confetti out of paper. Ettore Fenderl, for those who do not know, is a renowned Italian nuclear physicist who was a pioneer in the development of the nuclear bomb. He also, however, is attributed to the invention of paper confetti.
It is disputed who officially invented confetti, as items have been thrown during celebrations for centuries. However, most people give the official title of “inventor” to Ettore Fenderl.

The story goes that Fenderl did not want to throw rose petals during major parades because they were expensive. In order to combat the expense, Fenderl cut up pieces of paper and threw them from his window. Once observed, others followed his act and created what we know as confetti today. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Variations of Confetti Appliances

Confetti can be used for many different celebrations or jovial events. Better still, over the years confetti has adapted to be used in different ways. For instance, confetti can be cut in different ways and distributed in varying methods. For example, confetti cannons are large cannons that projectile display confetti in the air. These types of confetti appliances are very advantageous for musicians and other musical acts that want to finish their performance with a dramatic flair.
Confetti can also be hand-thrown (though this is a less popular option). Hand-thrown confetti can be problematic, especially if you only have so much. Wedding celebrations will often use confetti when newlyweds leave the church or wedding venue. Confetti is commonly used and thrown at the couple when they leave. Confetti, of course, is a more favorable option than traditional rice or rose petals.

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