Theatrical Stage Sets: Design & Building

Theatrical Prop Design

With more than 20 years of experience, our designers believe that each individual event should be a living piece of art. Our design team pays close attention to detail and understands the importance of precision that theatrical set design, custom production elements, and lighting require. We meet every new project with the same level of excitement and motivation, as our end-goal is always the same — create something spectacular that our clients will love.
We understand that the key to creative and realistic prop design is a combination of focus and devotion. We are dedicated to providing your production with props that will make it seem alive right in front of audience members.

Stage Lighting and Design

Though we do offer concert lighting services, we service theatrical stages as well. The two worlds are very different, yet share some similarities when it comes to lighting. Due to our experience in both variations of lighting, we know the strategies of both concerts and theatrical stages and when to separate the two worlds.
For theatrical light designers, the use of strategy and lighting concepts are a little different. For the theatrical arts, light is a tool to create depth, set moods, and recreate natural light that compliments the stage and performers. Without proper lighting, your production will only feel one-dimensional, and lack an essential element to add to the drama of the performance. Because lighting is such an essential piece to your production, you want to rely on a lighting design company that not only knows what they are going, but can deliver a stunning lighting set every time.

Rythm EFX and Theatre Productions

You can count on us to turn everyday objects into something magical. Our skilled designers are dedicated to bringing your vision into reality. Our pricing comes by a project-by-project basis. If you are interested in our theatrical lighting and design, you should contact us today.

Custom backdrops, sets and construction are our strength. If you need an event backdrop, theatrical set, or anything of that nature, give us a call. We bet we’ve done it before. If not, we’ll figure it out. That’s what we do!
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Custom Design & Props

You imagine it—we’ll make it!

Our design team always enjoys an extraordinary custom production challenge, and they’ve never let a client down. Whether it is for a concert, theater, fashion show, private party or business event, whether you need a simple shape or props to go along with your theme, we can create it for you.

We use a wide variety of products such as foam, steel frames, wood, acrylic glass, fabric, and more. There is no limit to your imagination!

Custom Stage Pieces/Props

Custom DJ Booths

Custom Sets for Private Events