With more than 20 years of experience, our designers believe that each individual event should be a living piece of art. Our design team pays close attention to detail and understands the importance of precision that set design, custom production elements, and lighting require. We meet every new project with the same level of excitement and motivation and our end-goal is always the same — create something spectacular that our clients will love!

We understand that the key to creative and realistic props and set design is a combination of focus and devotion. We are dedicated to providing your production with props and sets that will enhance your performances or events. With Rythm EFX, you not only receive expert design and building services, but you gain professional services delivered on time and satisfactory to your demands.

Event Productions Services

Our design team always enjoys an extraordinary custom production challenge, and they’ve never let a client down. Whether it is for a concert, theater, fashion show, private party or business event, we can assist you.  We can handle any size of projects from simple tasks or large, full-scale props to go along with your theme. We use a wide variety of products, such as foam, steel frames, wood, acrylic glass, fabric, and more. There is no limit to your imagination!

Theatrical Production Services

Though we do offer concert lighting services, we offer theatrical lighting services as well. Though the two are very different, we have professionals that specialize in both concert and theatrical production lighting. With lighting services from Rythm EFX, you could gain pivotal lighting effects that could transform your production.

Aside from lighting services, we also offer premier custom prop and set design for performing arts productions. If you are interested in these services, contact us today.