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Corporate Events

Making Your Northern Colorado Corporate Event Planning Easy

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Event Types

Our mission is to make your event fun in the moment and beautiful in your memory. Contact our event planners today.

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Giving back to the community can change lives in ways you'll never know. Contact our event planners for your next giveback event.

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From monogrammed candles and crystal chandeliers to lighted walkways, our wedding event planners will have you dancing and singing with joy.

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Increase brand awareness and target your audience with the best convention booth design.

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What Are Corporate Events?

As you can imagine, a corporate event is any event hosted by a corporation, company, business, or even non-profit. Corporate events serve many purposes and target different audiences. For example, a corporate event might be to celebrate a company's milestone achievement put on for its employees, or it could be to raise money or awareness for a charity. From corporate team building to trade shows and product launches, corporate events can bring employees together to grow and share, and trade shows offer corporations a chance to market their new products and/or services.

Like all events, a corporate event, depending on the scope of the project, can be a big undertaking. It's best to partner with a corporate event planning company in Northern Colorado, such as Rythm EFX, in order to plan a corporate event that will leave a lasting impression on your employees or attendees. From event design and planning to event management and logistics, our all-inclusive event management company handles everything from start to finish and everything in-between. We can remove the stress you may be feeling from such a huge undertaking and replace it with good times instead.

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Event Management Packages

What Is Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planning is event planning for corporate events. Great corporate events have a well-chosen theme and/or message that they want to convey to their chosen audience. This theme or message is skillfully interwoven throughout every activity of the corporate event. All of this is orchestrated by a great corporate event planning company, such as Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado. Our corporate event planning team works with you from our initial consultation through event design, planning, and management to help you achieve your goal.

Our corporate event planning company specializes in interactive event planning, which involves the guests as much as possible by providing them with entertainment that leaves a positive impact or impression on your attendees in some way. Whether you choose to go all out by providing a mobile arcade, or you keep it more low-key by hiring a clown who makes balloon animals for the kids (and the adults), we tailor our corporate event planning to your needs. You can rest assured that everything we do stays consistent with your "why," and when the day of the event arrives, you'll witness your attendees light up with excitement, fun, learning, and more. When your attendees tell you months later how much they enjoyed your corporate event, that is when you'll know magic happened.

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"Every interaction, in any form, is branding."

- Seth Godin

Reasons To Have A Corporate Event

  • Celebrates your employees and shows how much you value them
  • Boosts employee morale
  • Keeps employees engaged
  • Strengthens the bond between employees, ultimately impacting the bottom line positively
  • Boosts your brand recognition
  • Gain sales and leads
  • Helps form business partnerships and collaborations
  • Provides an opportunity to give back to your community
  • Showcase your new products and/or services
  • And so much more!
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Event Planning & Management

Best Corporate Event Ideas

  • Host escape room activities
  • Take a cruise
  • Pick apples and drink apple cider
  • Play laser tag
  • Host a petting zoo
  • Go to a water park or go swimming
  • Hold a bake off
  • Go on a brewery tour
  • Host a coffee bar or ice cream bar
  • Plan a trip away
  • Go hot air ballooning
  • Plant a community garden
  • Volunteer together
  • And so much more!
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Logistics & Site Operations

Corporate Event Branding

Branding is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of a company. For Apple, you think innovative technology and for TED talks you think innovative thinking. Event branding is what will make your corporate event memorable. It's a combination of your corporate brand and the event theme itself that should align with your brand.

In addition, your company's brand stays front and center at your corporate event as well. From the event name and theme to your logo, colors, event decor, signage, and more, your branding will be solidified and shine bright in tandem with your vision for the mission of your event. Our corporate event planning team excels at making your corporate event brand meaningful, authentic, and consistent throughout the entirety of your event. From the speakers to the swag bag, your corporate event will help develop long-lasting relationships (including with your employees) for years to come.

Putting on a corporate event takes a team of skilled specialists all working together, from the event project manager to the creative designer, marketing personnel, lighting specialist, and custom decor. Depending on your event management package, we can help you plan your program, confirm sponsors, or help with promotion. With years of experience, our corporate event planners can work with any sized event and any budget to make your corporate event stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Designs & Branding

Custom Event Planning Done Right

If you've been in the business world long enough, you've probably attended at least one corporate event. If so, what do you remember about it? If you can't remember much but being bored and getting nothing out of it, then the corporate event planner did not do their job adequately.

If you want your corporate event done right, you need to partner with a top-notch corporate event planning company such as Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado. We believe in taking your employees or attendees on a journey and at the end they either have changed somehow, they have experienced or heard something that make them re-evaluate their thinking, or they are left with an impression that something monumental just happened. We pull out all the stops with each and every corporate event and hold nothing back.

From custom designed props and decor to amazing lighting special effects and confetti, our mission is to take your attendees' breath away from the moment they arrive till the moment they leave. We use the latest in technology, such as our LED video wall, to interweave your message and branding throughout your event. Even if you have a low budget, story-telling is free; the art is in the expression of it.

Partner with Rythm EFX, and see how your story ends.

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Planning Corporate Events For Your "Why"

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