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Event Decor

Beautifying Your Northern Colorado Event

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Event Types

Transform your event space into a place of wonder and beauty that you'll never want to leave with our custom design and decor.

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Our wedding event planners are in the crafting memories business. Creating custom wedding pieces for your memory bank.

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Garner the most press and buzz with a custom convention and trade show display by our creative design team.

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Craft your mood as much as the event. Event lighting can make a powerful impact on your attendees.

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What Is Event Decor?

Event decor focuses exclusively on the impact the event decorations will have on the attendee. Event decor is sight-based, so you can expect the event decor to be aesthetically pleasing with design elements to transform your event space into the vision that you imagine. Event decor is an integral part of branding and is used to help further the story your company or event wishes to convey to the attendees. It is super important as event decor can often tie the entire theme of your event together, or, if it fails to do its job, it can contribute to your attendees missing crucial components of your event branding efforts and the message you want to convey.

Whether you're a corporation or you're celebrating a birthday party or a wedding, you can utilize event branding to improve the attendee's experience and form a cohesive journey, which helps to leave a lasting impression. The event decor experts at Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado use event branding in every event. For corporations, the focus is more on their logo, colors, and message. For birthday parties, we can use color and motifs to create an overall theme, such as unicorns, rainbows, or boats. For weddings, if you love ladybugs or butterflies, we can sprinkle them throughout your event, from the tabletops to the dance floor. Human memory cannot deal with too many concepts at once. By keeping your branding consistent, your attendees will be more likely to be impacted by your event and leave with the take away you are desiring.

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"You want to create that magical moment when you look around the room and each element is working in harmony."

- Colin Cowie

The Art Of Event Decor

Event decorators, or event designers, help you choose the best flowers, linens, color scheme, signage, event table decor, and more. Every visual element is meticulously chosen to not only flow seamlessly, but to capture the theme of your event visually, and bring it together with auditory guest speakers, vows, and announcements, music, smells of food and scents of aromatherapy, tactile, interactive activities, and wonderful food.

Event decor doesn't just happen; it is thoughtfully planned and then executed to support the message you wish. Once the event layout is finalized, the design and customization begins, and all surfaces are fair game. From the ceilings and flooring to the table tops, bar, and the swag, our event decor team will transform your space to be all about you or your business.

Using lighting, color, art, LED video walls, and custom designed props, your event will ooze pieces of you and your brand. The great thing is, unless your attendees are in the event planning industry, all of this will be taken in mostly subconsciously, and while your attendees will notice the big things (such as a giant blow up of you and the groom), they won't notice it all. However, at the end of the day, if the impression they have of your event was over-the-top amazing, you will have succeeded.

There are very few memories that have the power to be imperishable. When you have a special event, like a wedding, a thank you party to your employees, or a trade show booth where you show your latest product, the art of event decor has the power to create a timeless memory. Our event decorating company can help you create immortal memories.

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Event Design & Consulting

Favorite Event Decor

  • Flowers on tables, as swag, in photo booths, and even in the floor
  • Creating shapes with tables
  • LED colored lights
  • Unique food displays
  • Incorporating nature, such as potted plants, pine cones, tree bark, and branches
  • Using fruit as a pop of color
  • Using fabrics as color and textures. Also great for creating a more intimate setting
  • Creating indoor gardens
  • Creative lighting, such as different shapes and colors
  • Ribbons on chairs
  • Picking a theme, such as candy theme with lollipop decor, or a beach theme complete with sand, seashells, and even live crabs
  • Mixing different types of metals and materials and using custom fabrications
  • Repeating shapes throughout your event
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Event Planning & Management

Event Decor & More

While having the best event decor for your event can go a long way towards making it memorable and getting your message or meaning across, event decor is just one small piece of the puzzle. In order to make your event sizzle, you need to have all of your event elements, such as event lighting, custom design and props, and special effects, all working synchronistically to create an event that will leave an indelible impression in your attendees' minds.

When you work with an all-inclusive event management company, such as Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado, you can rest assured that your event decor will have seamless transitions from the second your guests arrive, to the walk, the main event, the interactive elements, and finally the exit. Too many event decoration companies ignore the exit, and this is a mistake. It's your last chance to leave a lasting memory so make it count. The exit, in fact, is one of the best places for a photo booth with a great piece of event decor that will undoubtedly be the most posted on social media.

Our event design company plans every detail of your event with you. Here is where our skills shine as we believe that incorporating event custom pieces of design and decor is what will make your attendees take notice. Accented by great lighting techniques such as uplighting and Gobo lights, as well as some special effects, such as fog, your attendees will be wowed. With your logo or your message on an LED wall, the journey your attendees take at your event will most definitely come to fruition.

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What An Event Decorating Company Can Do For Your Event

Have you ever been to an event where you couldn't truly put a name to why it was picture perfect, you just knew that it was?

If so, then you experienced event decorating at its finest. From little signs that say "Better Together" placed on the bride and groom's chairs at their wedding to the colored ribbons that hang from every flower arrangement, event decor has the power to create magic unbeknownst to all.

Rythm EFX has been offering our event decorating services for years in Northern Colorado. Our event designers excel at making the details come to life. We utilize technology even in rustic settings, such as outdoor weddings and barn receptions, to add the perfect touch of event lighting and sparkle. From bold color palettes to incorporating natural elements, such as tree stumps in a photo booth, we'll help your vision for your event level up. If you are hosting a winter event, consider branded blankets as guest gifts. Incorporate uplighting to highlight photos or to create shadows. Or, create a jarring contrast on purpose when you mix elegance with modernism. The sky's the limit as well as your imagination.

One of our specialities is creating unique custom design pieces and props to truly bring your vision and/or goal to life. Our design team loves to innovate, and this is a great way to not only capture your attendees' attention, but also to ensure a talking point from your event.

Event decor is an integral part of the journey of your event attendees. Allow it to be the supporting cast to your main event.

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