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Event Design & Consulting Services

Bringing Your Northern Colorado Event To Life

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Our event planning and management team can handle all of the event coordinating and design you need.

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Our team is on-site during your event, managing all of the logistics and vendors so you can enjoy the day, worry-free.

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Our expert event designers can create unique branding decor and pieces to leave lasting memories behind.

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We'll explain the ins and outs that our event planning services provide. Call for a free consultation.

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What Is Event Design?

Event design is different from event planning, and to be honest, they are different skill sets that both offer value to your corporate, special, or wedding event, but they serve different purposes. Event design is the first step in event planning. It is the process of forming a vision for your event, including your theme and your goals; and then, it’s designing all of the visual aspects to complement your theme and bring it together in one cohesive message that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Event design will focus on the decor, the style, and the aesthetics of your event, as well as all of the details surrounding it. Our event designers source, craft, create, and innovate every detail to create your perfect event.

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Event Management Overview

Take Your Attendees On An Unforgettable Journey

Climbing a mountain begins with one step that leads to an apex of breath-taking beauty. Take the first step by calling our Northern Colorado event management company today.

A Journey Not To Be Forgotten

Some people skip the event design process and jump right into event planning, which is the logistics of your event. Events that skip event designing often seem haphazard and compartmentalized, like you are attending different parties at the same time. With Rythm EFX's experienced event designers, you can expect a story to be told and your attendees to be taken on a journey that has a distinct beginning (when your attendees walk through the door) and ending (when your attendees leave), as well as plot twists in the middle. During this all-important event design process, our event designers will work intimately with you to discover what your goals are for your event and for your attendees. This collaboration ensures that your attendees get everything you want them to get from your event and more.

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Custom Designs & Branding

What To Expect With Event Design & Consulting

When you partner with Rythm EFX for your Northern Colorado event, you can expect a stunning visual idea and design. During this phase of event planning, we will get to know you and your vision and we'll collaborate and brainstorm ideas to take your event where you want it to go. The details will be laid out, so think linens, table arrangements, floral displays, lighting, LED wall, bubbles, and the whole nine yards. From the colors of your brand or your wedding to the climax of your event (whether that's the keynote speaker or your vows), every detail will be cohesive, polished, and professional in order to meet the goal of your event and leave a lasting impression behind.

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Event Designs & Decor

Why Event Design Matters

You're not spending all of these resources, time, effort, and energy for nothing. Events can be powerful venues to convey a message, to convince people to take action, to share knowledge or life commitments, to collaborate and bond with others, to convince people of the importance of your product or service and to invest in it, and so much more. Without a reason or a purpose, your event is just a bunch of people milling around, similar to standing in line to buy concert tickets. Your guests will be disengaged, on their cell phones, ignoring the happenings around them. If that happens, then your all your event planning and design was for naught. When you partner with Rythm EFX, our experienced event designers will ensure your attendees are engaged so that they will remember your message, your vows, or your cause.

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Why Rythm EFX

Event design and consulting is a crowded field. Let's face it, planning events is fun. You get to meet a variety of different people, help them plan a memorable, happy event, and end the day knowing you made many peoples' day. This is not only fun, but a very rewarding career. That being said, many people enter the event design field with no experience and only the idea to have fun in mind. Event design is hard work, and to create the most memorable events, you'll have to think outside the box every day to bring new and innovative ideas to fruition.

Rythm EFX has been creating the best event designs in Northern Colorado for over a decade. We incorporate custom prop design, custom creations, special effects, event lighting, LED walls, and projection images to help us create a one-of-a-kind event for you. Our event designers do our best to make your event as stress-free as possible, relieving you of the burden of event coordination and management as well. We offer comprehensive event design and planning services for your enjoyment.

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Creating Stress-Free, Meaningful Events in Northern Colorado

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