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Event Lighting

Shining Brightness For Your Northern Colorado Event

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From centerpieces full of flair to sparkles and swivels, our custom design and decor team can make your visions come to life.

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Making your fairytale come true is what our wedding event planners do. Partner with us to watch magic happen at your wedding.

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It's easier to forge new business relationships when your trade show booth is the talk of the weekend. Partner with us to explore your possibilities today!

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From trellises to greenery, our event decor can make your event shimmer and shine.

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The Power Of Light

Light is powerful. In fact, if you've ever been in a completely dark place, like an underground cave, you will know that you can't see without light. Think about how you feel when the sun finally rises in the middle of winter after a long, stormy, dark night. With each dawn of every day, you have an opportunity to put the past behind you and begin anew. Light invigorates, renews, restores, and gives life to every living creature on this planet. Without light, life would cease to exist.

For event planning, light can be just as powerful. It sets the mood, whether you want an intimate setting for your wedding vows, or lights up the night such as with a custom light design for your nighttime concert. You can create lasting impressions for your event with lighting effects. Event lighting can create emotions, tie together your event theme, or shine your wedding colors or corporate colors brightly. Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado uses custom lighting effects to wow the attendees at your event. With years of experience in lighting, we can set the mood or rev up the crowd. Event lighting is definitely one thing that should not be ignored in your event planning.

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"Everyone shines, given the right lighting."

- Susan Cain

How The Wrong Lighting Can Impact Your Event

In order to pull off an event that your attendees will enjoy and remember down the road, it takes many elements to do so, from music, dance, entertainment, video, sound, custom design and decor, and lighting. Lighting can be the element that ties the others together, changing throughout the night as your event journey progresses. Get the lighting wrong, and your well-planned event can seem disjointed, jolting, and downright haphazard. The energy of the crowd can be zapped, and you'll risk losing them to the allure of their cell phones instead. When your attendees become disengaged, it's extremely hard to re-engage them later on during their event journey. Something as simple as forgetting to hang string lighting in the wedding reception tent can dampen the demeanor of your guests after the wedding ceremony who were looking for a pick-me-up afterward. Even the wrong placement and density of your event lighting can spell disaster if a key thoroughfare is not illuminated as it should be.

The lighting team at Rythm EFX brings years of experience in lighting design to your Northern Colorado event. Using the latest technology and the collective creativity of our event planning team, we offer custom event lighting that will exceed your expectations and not leave your attendees hanging with no ending. No detail is overlooked. Your local lighting effects specialists are at your service.

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Why Custom Design & Decor For Event Planning

  • Stage Wash. Stage wash describes the lighting technique where light and color fill the stage. This lighting technique is used to make the stage stand out. By dimming lights you can quiet a crowd and signal them that something big is about to happen, which is why it's been used as a signal for decades that a play is about to start.
  • Uplighting. Uplighting are lights that shine up from the ground. They are used to highlight text or photos on a wall, curtains on a stage and more. Many events incorporate uplighting with a custom designed prop or piece to draw attention to it. Wedding uplighting creates ambiance and depth and is often incorporated around the perimeter of your space. You can create drama and highlight architectural details.
  • Layered Lighting. Layered lighting uses many lighting types to create a well-lit space that can bring balance. The three types of lighting are ambient, accent, and task lighting, and when all are incorporated into your event, you can create amazing custom lighting designs that can help convey your message clearly.
  • LED Lighting. LED lighting has taken event lighting to the next level by offering more colors and extremely intense light that adds a depth that wasn't possible before. One of the most powerful and impactful ways to convey your message and move your event attendees along on their journey is to combine LED lighting with other types of event lighting.
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Event Lighting Ideas For Your Next Event

  • GOBO branding
  • Glass jars with lights
  • LED chandelier
  • Lighting box for your VIP area
  • Use rustic bulbs for nostalgia
  • Uplight your bar bottles and tables
  • Frame your space with LED lights
  • Moving light displays
  • String lights when in doubt
  • LED trees
  • Pin-spot lighting for your tables
  • And so much more!
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A Look At The Event Lighting Design Process

At your initial consultation with your Northern Colorado event planner, Rythm EFX, we'll ask you about your ideas for lighting, what you would like to see, what mood or moods you want to create, and your overall theme and goal for your lighting. Our lighting designer will then choose the best lighting instruments to meet your vision and goals, as well as develop a sequence and rigging system to achieve it. You can rest assured that your event lighting will be unique and custom. We'll incorporate texture, color, and focus, along with desired shapes, corporate logos, lighting types to move your attendees throughout their journey and tie everything together. We create a detailed lighting plan that suits the space your event is at, being sure to incorporate all of the peculiarities of the venue, from the bar placement to the dance floor and dessert table. Lighting your seating area places a critical role in the comfort of your attendees. We cover all bases, ensuring there are no glares or overlooked custom lighting design features that we've missed.

Great event lighting will dazzle your audience and move them emotionally to the experience you want them to have. With Rythm EFX's lighting design, we incorporate our LED walls, Gobos (GOes Between Optics), spotlights, moving lights, pixel mapping, and more to truly make your event lighting imaginative, innovative, and inspiring. The possibilities with event lighting are almost unlimited with the technological advances in lighting over the past few decades. When you partner with us, our event planning company will take your event to the next level by creating lighting effects to remember.

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Setting Your Event Ablaze in Light

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