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Types of Events We Plan

Crafting Immortal Northern Colorado Events

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Event Types

Whether you've finally accomplished a life-long dream or you want to celebrate your parents' wedding anniversary, our event planners have what it takes to make your special event extraordinary, indeed.

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Our corporate event planners can take your next corporate event to the moon and back, no matter your budget.

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Ensure your wedding day is nothing but smiles when you partner with our wedding event planners today.

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Our convention booth displays can help you be the talk of the convention and boost sales to boot.

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A wedding is one of the happiest times and events in a person's life. After all, you are committing for life to the person whom you love, cherish, and want to make a life with. It's a celebration that is indeed to be shared by friends, family, and loved ones. It's also an occasion that you want to run smoothly, perfectly, and be everything you've always dreamed it to be.

Rythm EFX offers the best wedding planners in Northern Colorado. Our all-star team works tirelessly and diligently to make your wedding event stunning, beautiful, and one for the ages. We offer various wedding event packages, so you can choose the level of help and care you need, from help with event design and planning to handling your entire wedding planning, from initial concept to event logistics and more.

Our event planning company specializes in custom wedding decor and design work, creating props and decorations from scratch. Our wedding lights are skillfully rendered to create the mood and tone you desire, which can change from solemn for your wedding ceremony to celebratory for your reception. We help you choose a theme and add in delicate touches from your event decor to any special effects, such as fog. From confetti to wedding drapery, we'll craft the wedding of your dreams.

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Special Events

Any occasion can serve as a special event, from a birthday to climbing Mount Everest. If you want to celebrate, our Northern Colorado event management company can help. Rythm EFX has years of experience from taking our clients' visions and turning them into reality. From custom design to uplighting, custom props, event decor, and branding, our event organizers can coordinate your vendors, handle logistics, and ensure everything goes off without a hitch on the day of your event.

What makes events truly special is the friends and family who show up to help you celebrate your moment, from high school graduation to earning your law degree. Our event planning company's mission is to ensure you enjoy every moment of the event. We handle all of the details so you can be stress-free. Whether you have a direction or you leave it up to us, we'll exceed your expectations. From celebrating your employees' milestones to just getting together for a favored sporting event, while the event decor, lighting, themes, and props add to the overall feel, it's the people who truly make the event. Our mission is to ensure your guests are taken care of from beginning to end so you can enjoy just being together.

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Special Events

"We have a lot to be thankful for,
The memories through the years,
The many times together,
Full of laughter, full of tears."

- Michelle A, Moran

Team Building & Givebacks

When you're at work, you're so often consumed by the actual tasks of your work that you don't spend all that much time with your work colleagues. Having dedicated time for team building events that allow your team to get to know one another can be invaluable to your company's culture, as well as employee morale, motivation, and productivity.

Putting on team building events is one of Rythm EFX's specialties. We understand that you're a busy company that probably doesn't have time for all of the logistics that go into planning a productive, fun team building event. When you partner with us for your Northern Colorado event, we can not only incorporate your brand and theme into the event, but we can ensure your employees have a great time and learn about each other as well. From employee activities to just time to mix and mingle, our event planning team ensures your event will flow smoothly from one activity to the next.

Giveback events is a way your company can engage with the community as a whole, while helping others in the process. You can choose a cause to support or one you can use to increase your company's clout and get traffic in the door. You can hold raffles for the cause and bring in bounce houses and snow cone machines for the entire family. A giveback event is a perfect opportunity to promote goodwill and lift everyone's spirits.

Partnering with Northern Colorado's best corporate event planning company, Rythm EFX, for your giveback or team building event can truly raise the bar and make the event a true success.

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Team Building & Givebacks

Corporate Events

Corporate events have grown in importance in the last decade as more companies have realized the value in showing their employees appreciation and being involved in the local community. From trade shows and year-end functions to conferences and executive retreats, companies are looking for help in planning a unique, fun, and productive way to promote engagement.

Rythm EFX offers corporate event planning throughout Northern Colorado that can help you not only showcase your brand and who you are as a company, but can, more importantly, take your cause and attendees on a ride they won't soon forget. By incorporating event branding into the entire corporate event, with items such as corporate swag and Gobo lighting, and by ensuring your event theme supports your cause, our event management company can ensure an unforgettable event that will grow your employees closer or sing the praises of your new product.

From custom lighting and special effects to event decor and custom props, we can create elements of surprise and delight to wow your attendees. Our mission is to leave an indelible imprint in your attendees' minds either about your brand or about your product and/or service that they will remember forevermore.

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Corporate Events

Industry Conventions & Booth Designs

At a convention or a trade show, you have one primary goal: to make people stop and take notice. There will be thousands of attendees, all from your industry, trying to find the latest and greatest product and/or service that can change peoples' lives forever. Somehow, some way, you have to stand head and shoulders above everyone else vying for attention. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in a custom trade show booth or convention booth design by Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado.

Custom trade show booth design will require ingenuity, fortitude, and innovation as you are competing against every other business who signed up for a booth, each trying to outdo the other. When you partner with our booth design team, you can rest assured we'll make your convention and trade show booth stand out from the crowd, using all of the stops, including huge custom design projects, interactive activities, unique take on your products and/or services, and lighting effects.

Nothing is off the table, including live animals who always win over the crowd with their cuteness factor. By innovating a winning combination of attendee engagement and aesthetics, you'll be sure to increase your brand awareness, boost sales, and form win/win partnerships. Find out today what our convention and trade show booth design team can do for you.

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Conventions & Booth Designs

Why Choose Our Event Planning Company In Northern Colorado

At Rythm EFX, we understand that you have choices when it comes to choosing an event planner. A quick Google search of "event planner near me" will yield a dozen or more results. Thus, we want to lay out what makes our event planning company different from others.

  • Custom everything. We can customize everything about your event, from the lighting, sound, and visual with our LED video walls to custom props, design, decor, and special effects. We at Rythm EFX build a good portion of what you'll see at any event, and we're experts at using the materials around us to do so.
  • Details. We understand how to make the details matter. Far from plopping a vase full of flowers in the middle of a table and calling that "event design," you'll see your event theme woven throughout our decor and more.
  • Story-telling. We pride ourselves on telling your story or message through your theme and brand so that your attendees leave not simply having attended an event, but having experienced an event. Our mission is to have your attendees still talking about your event six months later — and raving about it!
  • Customer experience. While at the end of the day, the experience you give your attendees is the ultimate service, we pride ourselves on the experience we give you as our customer. Our event planners are available anytime to consult and offer advice, we strive to keep communication open and honest, and we strive to bring your story, vision, or dream to fruition using every ounce of skill our event planning and design team possesses.
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