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Event Planning & Management Services

Ensuring Your Northern Colorado Event Goes Off Without a Hitch

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With years of experience, our event design and consultants can help you craft a journey for your attendees that will leave them dazzled.

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The nuts and bolts of bringing your event to fruition, let our team handle all the site design and vendor coordination for you.

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By creating custom design pieces, our event designers can help you brand your event with fanfare, flair, and fun.

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Speak to one of our seasoned event designers to learn how we can help you create an event for a lifetime.

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What Is Event Planning?

You can think of an event planner as a master organizer. Event planning is an all-encompassing term for the myriad of hats they do to pull off your one-of-a-kind event. They are the conductor of an orchestra or the head choreographer or a Broadway show. In essence, every moving component of an event that happens is a result of their efforts. They manage a myriad of events from weddings and corporate events to trade shows, conventions, and team building activities. Their responsibilities include meeting a set budget, establishing timelines, coordinating every activity at the event site, acquiring any necessary permits, arranging caterers, helping with transportation and keynote speakers, helping plan event activities, and planning contingency plans, such as when it rains at your outdoor event.

An event planner is a jack-of-all-trades who is a master at adaptability and pivoting at a moment's notice. From handling major crises, such as roses are not available for the wedding to attending to the details such as negotiating better prices for their clients, event planners in Northern Colorado understand that even the best laid plan can go awry, but it's about making lemonade out of lemons that will have little effect upon the client or the experience that matters most.

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Event Management Overview

What Is Event Management?

You can think of event managers as the project managers on a construction job site. While event planners handle all of the planning stages of your events, on the day of the event, your event manager takes over and ensures the event plants go off without a hitch. That being said, event planners and event managers are often the same company and the same person, or some people collaborating closely together. Their responsibilities often overlap.

Rythm EFX is a comprehensive event planning and management company in Northern Colorado that offers both event planning and event management services in one. Depending on your particular event, you may have one person or more than one for both. We believe for your message and branding to be conveyed to your attendees, it's best to have a comprehensive event design, event planning, and event management company handle every aspect of your event. This helps to eliminate miscommunication that could negatively impact your corporate event, wedding, festival, customer appreciation day, and more. Plus, having only one person expedites your event plans, as it eliminates the need for multiple decision makers to come to a consensus.

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Event Management Packages

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out."

- John Wooden

Breaking Down Event Planning

  • Plan your event, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or festival
  • Establish timelines, such as the arrival of attendees and when the band should set up
  • Helping to select and reserve the event site
  • Acquiring any permits and/or insurance
  • Planning and choosing a caterer
  • Coordinating transportation
  • Planning a theme and message for your attendees
  • Planning the speakers and the activities
  • Planning seating, table, cutlery, decor, and more
  • Developing a security plan
  • Plan for contingencies
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Event Design & Consulting

Breaking Down Event Management

  • Manage the moving pieces on the day of your event, such as coordinating all vendors
  • Ensure everyone adheres to set timelines, such as the band being set up on time
  • Ensuring the event site is ready with all of the decor, lighting, and staging needed
  • Collecting the permits and/or proof of insurance in one place in case they are needed
  • Ensuring the caterer arrives on time and ensuring they have everything they need to set up the food, drink, etc
  • Ensuring transportation needs are met
  • Carrying out the event designers' theme and message
  • Ensuring the speakers and the activities are ready to perform
  • Ensuring the seating, tables, cutlery, and decor is set up and ready to go
  • Implementing a security plan
  • Have concrete plans to ensure contingency plans go off smoothly if need be
  • Monitoring the event as it takes place to manage any last minute changes or emergencies
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Event Logistics & Operations

Advantages of an All-Inclusive Event Planning & Management Company

  • Streamlines communications
  • Speeds up the event planning & management process
  • Saves you time and money
  • Fosters creativity and innovation
  • Less stress overall
  • More likely to have no problems on the day of your event
  • More leverage to negotiate with vendors and suppliers
  • Reliable expertise and experience you can count on
  • A memorable event that successfully conveys your message, vows, or cause to your attendees
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Custom Designs & Branding

Why Rythm EFX is Your Northern Colorado Event Planner & Management of Choice

When it comes to your corporate event, wedding festival, non-profit, reunion, or graduation party, you want to be remembered for the beautiful decorations and lighting, not for the fact that the band didn't show up on time. You want your keynote speaker to be seen and heard while speaking on stage, not for them to be crackly and, worse, have to scream because the microphones aren't working. You want your booth design to stand out at the tradeshow because of the amazing LED video wall, and not because your custom designed booth with a light display that played different songs on demand showed up late or didn't work at all. 

A professional event and management company will ensure your event stays on message, conveys your theme and brand, and delivers on its promise to create joy and a memory to last a lifetime. Choose Rythm EFX as your event planning and management company of choice today.

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