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Industry Conventions & Booth Designs

Creating Show-Stopping Displays in the Quest to Wow

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From birthdays and holidays to corporate and weddings, our event designers can help you with your special event.

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Weddings are beautiful occasions to form memories that you want to last for a lifetime. Let our event planners help craft every moment of this special day.

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Corporate events are great opportunities to reinforce your brand and leave attendees with something to think about.

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By using our event planning services, we can create great team building and giveback events that will leave your employees and attendees with a "better together" attitude.

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What Is An Industry Convention?

Many people confuse trade shows, conventions, and expos. While these are all large gatherings and meetings of people, there are subtle differences. In short, a trade show is where businesses gather together from a particular industry and share new products and/or services. An expo is mainly focused on exhibits and is usually around a certain theme. A conference is usually centered around education, where people gather to discuss and learn about a certain topic or theme.

All of these gatherings feature booths where exhibitors, or businesses or individuals, put on display their products and/or services, information about their business, and general education on topics. Industry conventions are where a certain industry gathers together to share information and are great opportunities for businesses to get their brand in front of customers, generate sales, and network with other industry leaders. In order to get the most bang for your buck, it's important to have a unique, show-stopping industry convention booth so you can attract attendees who you will then have a chance to convert into customers.

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"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

- Roald Dahl

The Importance Of A Booth Design

To attend an industry convention, you should prepare months ahead of time. Prime real estate space on the convention floor needs to be booked, as well as accommodations, flights, and preparations made. However, after you book your booth space, the next thing you must do is invest in custom booth design. Your booth can be compared to a handshake and introduction when you meet someone. You have one chance to make a stellar, memorable impression, to make people stop in their tracks, turn around, and engage in your booth. While you could DIY your convention booth design, odds are, you won't have a killer booth. Conventions have the power to boost your brand, form collaborative relationships with others, gain sales, and garner media attention. But to do that, you have to make people take notice amongst the hundreds of other booths. This usually takes a trained and professional eye to do so.

Rythm EFX based in Northern Colorado offers convention booth design that will generate a perpetual crowd amongst attendees at your industry convention. Our event design team offers the best custom props, lighting, special effects, interactive displays, and innovative ideas so you garner the most attention. Our mission is to go above and beyond the wow factor so you can grow your small business and make your dreams come true.

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The Key to Attracting Visitors to Your Booth

The key to attracting convention visitors to your booth design is to be different. However, everyone there is looking to do the same thing as you, so you can expect in their quest to be different, they will be different enough. For the team at Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado, different enough is not good enough for us. With every booth design, we aim for the stars and hope to meet a comet while we're there. From setting up a free food tasting event to creating an island oasis complete with kiddie pool and palm trees for attendees to soak their feet in, when your industry booth sizzles, your sales will sizzle right along with it. Be engaging, be informative, and above all, relax and have fun. The visitors to your booth will pick up on your vibe and be appreciative. Positivity is catchy, and when your convention booth visitors leave with a smile on their faces, you'll know you've succeeded.

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Custom Design & Decor

What To Expect With Custom Design & Decor For Your Event

  • Create a sitting area. At industry conventions, there is a lot of walking around and standing. Attendees will appreciate the opportunity to take a load off, and in the process, will linger and hear about your products and/or services, possibly turning into future customers or collaborators.
  • Create a learning forum. While conventions themselves are often packed with symposiums and learning opportunities, creating your own learning space can fit right in with the crowd. You can focus on your products, what's new, industry trends, and on your brand. Pass out some bottled water while the show is on, and get ready to reap the rewards.
  • Reach for the rafters. While going big has always been the in thing to do and it's not necessarily a new idea, it's a go-to because it works. When you create a prop that stands above the crowd and can be seen anywhere from the convention floor, you're sure to garner attention, Instagram feeds, and lots of questions — which then turn into leads. Rythm EFX loves to create these types of engaging props for your convention booth.
  • Create fun. While industry conventions are serious business, everyone wants to have fun at the same time. After all, most have taken off work, flown to a new city, and put in a lot of hours. Now it's time to let loose a bit. By creating a unique, fun idea that is memorable, you'll leave a great impression in the minds of attendees, and they will remember your products and brands. For example, you can set up a bike that powers a blender that makes your own breakfast smoothie. Engaging. Different. And definitely memorable.


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How Rythm EFX Creates Magic

While you definitely want to leave an indelible impression with your industry convention or trade show booth display, the overarching goal should be to leave a memory behind. So much of our daily lives are lived on autopilot, with us getting up every morning and executing the same routine day after day, that any kind of variance is welcome. Attending an industry convention or trade show is most definitely a diversion from the every-day humdrum of our lives. Thus, a convention or trade show is a unique opportunity to sprinkle joy into others' lives, leaving a bit of magic behind.

When you create a stunning visual masterpiece at your convention booth, or you bring in a clown to make an animal balloon or a magician to make coins disappear, you will be bringing a bright spot to others' days. If you keep the overarching mindset to make a small difference in others' lives with your convention or trade booth display, you will not only succeed at implanting your brand and identity in attendees' minds, but you will also succeed at being a light in an otherwise dull day. Rythm EFX's mission is to shine brightness into others lives. Partner with us to sprinkle joy to others.

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