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Custom Pieces for Special Events

Crafting Special Northern Colorado Events

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Events are moments in your life to be celebrated. Make your events memorable with our custom design and decor.

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Make your next trade show or convention the best yet with a custom designed trade show booth that will light up the crowd.

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Move your guests and set the mood with event lighting from our event management company.

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Form a cohesive story with event decor that is interwoven throughout your event.

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Why Custom Pieces For Special Events

If you think about the special events you've attended, whether it's been a birthday party, a corporate event, or even an adventure or theme park, what has made that event memorable? Odds are, what stood out to you was something truly unique, something you haven't seen before, that made an indelible impression in your mind — a custom piece. That could have been the custom prop figure that was 12 feet tall, the 3D photo booth with hashtag props you could choose from, or the circus performers who juggled, performed aerial routines, and ate fire. The key to creating a memorable event is to give your attendees something out of the ordinary and unexpected. Most people expect these special events to be ordinary. When you provide the unexpected, the event — and your cause or occasion — will be singed in memories and talked about for days, weeks, or even months afterwards.

Rythm EFX offers custom pieces for your Northern Colorado special event, from weddings and corporate events to tradeshows, special events, birthdays, team building, and more. Our knowledge and experience allows us to create whatever you desire from huge unicorns for your daughter's 10th birthday party to elaborate custom sets for your corporate event. If you want to leave an impression, you have to go big, so when your attendees go home, they will still be talking about your event. Custom pieces are great for helping in branding and for creating a journey to get your mission or your cause across. When you stand out from the crowd with custom design projects from our event planning company, you'll be one step closer to leaving your attendees with a bit of magic they can use in their lives.

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Why Bother With Custom Design At Your Northern Colorado Event?

Many people call our event planning company looking for the basics: an event planner to coordinate your special day by arranging for catering, setting up and taking down tables and chairs, and adding in a bit of event design, such as some white lights hung along the tent or some potted plants. What many people don't realize is that event planning is much more than just the logistics.

When you partner with Rythm EFX for your Northern Colorado event planning needs, we'll start with an initial consultation. Here, our goal is to listen to your wants and needs and understand what your goal of the special event is, whether it's to create a wedding memory for a lifetime or you're planning your company's summer picnic. From there, we'll start the event design process where we will form a plan to take your attendees on a journey from the moment they enter your space till the moment they leave with the goal of leaving an impression behind.

Here is where our event management company shines. We specialize in custom event pieces, such as props, staging, and lighting, that can help to brand your company's party or ensure your wedding is one for the ages. Then the event planning takes place, where vendors and the event logistics are all aligned. Finally, the event production takes place, which is the day of the event, where our event planners ensure your event goes smoothly, creating that impression in the minds of your attendees.

If you're putting in the work to put on a special event, why not have a purpose behind it and make it the best event possible? If you want to give your guests or attendees a gift, leave them with one thought at the end of the day that could either change their views or change them. That's what custom design and pieces for event planning are all about.

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Custom Design & Decor

You have to have a vision of where you're going if you're ever going to get there.

Common Special Events We Plan, Design & Manage

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Fundraising Events
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Sporting Events
  • House Warming Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Surprise Parties
  • Thank You Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • And More!
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Event Planning & Management

Common Goals For Your Special Event Design

Give your attendees a take-away

Whether you want your wedding guests to remember the moment you said "I do" with confetti, balloons, and a fire display, or you want your trade show attendees to remember your booth design because it featured a huge globe prop that lit up LED lights when it spun, you need to have one key take-away from your custom event design. Underlying that design should be a message as well. For a wedding, it's a day of celebrating two lives coming together as one, so leaving your guests with a memorable piece of who you are is the goal. For a corporate event, it may be showing your company's culture or values by handing out azaleas or seedlings at the door that show you are environmentally-friendly. Invest in Rythm EFX's unique entrances and exits to solidify the experience.

Give your guests a fun day

Most of us fight daily to overcome the life of quiet desperation whereby we spend our days plodding towards our overarching goals. While the goal is worthwhile, the work it takes to reach it is never easy. Thus, planning a special event as just a fun day can be a goal as well. For example, while your corporate event may be celebrating a milestone achieved and you most definitely want the event to speak to your brand, you can incorporate experiences in your event just for fun, such as a petting zoo for the kids (and the adults), a carousel, a themed-party, or a puppy playpen. Use custom props, pieces, and decor from our event planning business to achieve this goal.

Reinforce branding and corporate sponsorships

As a business, you are always subject to public scrutiny and, on the flip side, public interest. You have to be aware of your reputation in your community as well as globally. Your brand has become synonymous with your reputation, and in order to grow, you have to cultivate it, nurture it, and protect it when storms strike. Throwing a corporate event is a great opportunity to invest in custom design and decor to ensure that your event will speak to your brand and get a message across. These messages can be subtle or they can be transformative. Either way, the success of your corporate event should be measured by how well your message was executed by your local event planning company.

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Event Design & Consulting

The Difference Of A Great Event Planning Company Versus A Good One

Most event planning companies get the job done. Your event goes off without a hitch, and the feedback from attendees afterwards is positive. However, when you run into a friend six months later who attended your event, is there a twinkle still in their eyes when you mention the event or is there a dull expression when you mention a memorable moment and they don't remember it?

A great event planning company, such as Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado, will ensure you receive more twinkles and elations, rather than glossy looks and vague comments. Taking your guests through an arch, from the moment they exit their car to go to your event till the moment they get in their car to return home, of inciting incidents, rising action, climax, and a beautiful ending should read as well as a finely-crafted novel and should be the goal of any great event planning company.

By using all of the tools at our disposal, such as our knack for creating the best custom props, pieces, and design, as well as by using our skills and talents, such as organizational, attention to detail, and logistical oversight and event management, our event planning company will ensure your special event, be it a corporate event, wedding, trade show booth, and more, not only leaves your guests with an impactful message, but leaves them smiling from ear-to-ear. A great event planning company ensures your vision for your special event comes alive and leaves the mark you desire, leaving your guests or attendees fired up, talking about your event, maybe even changed, and boisterously clamoring for more.

Rythm EFX's event design services infuses custom design with the meaning of life seamlessly, effortlessly, and ultimately, effervescently. Create a journey with us today.

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Creating Vivacious Journeys Effortlessly

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