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Team Building & Givebacks

Strengthening Connections at Your Northern Colorado Event

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What Is Team Building?

Most of us performed the experiment in school where you broke a single twig. It was easy. You picked it up, and you snapped it in two. However, when you were told to break a bundle to twigs, it became infinitely harder, and may even have been impossible. This is a classic exercise that powerfully demonstrates the strength of a collective group rather than as an individual.

This same concept applies in a work atmosphere. Colleagues who work together in teams are generally more creative and more productive than those who work alone. They have a group of people who support them, encourage them, and can answer their questions when problems arise. Essentially, you're in the thick of things together, and when experiencing hard times, it can provide much needed relief.

Team building events is where a group of work colleagues get together outside of the office with the intent to strengthen relationships, get to know one another on a more personal level, and collaborate and share ideas without the pressure of work. It can relieve stress and be a relaxed way to improve communication, establish goals, and develop leadership.

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The Importance Of Team Building Events

The importance of team building events cannot be overstated. It is entirely possible to work for years with someone and not really know them on a personal level. While this can be common, if you want to see your business grow in a dynamic way, the better your team works together, the more powerful they will be and the more accelerated your growth will be.

Rythm EFX offers team building event planning services in Northern Colorado. By bringing together your team at an event hosted by your company, your team will be able to network, socialize, and get to know each other better. Our event planning company can create a fun, relaxed environment with activity stations that foster a specific purpose, such as a fun game that promotes communication or an activity that requires collaborative problem solving skills. And throw in a good healthy dose of competition and bragging rights, and you will witness your team bond as never before. Our event coordinators can provide lighting special effects, custom design pieces, event decor, and event site operations so you can focus on helping your team improve.

Team building events above all else should be fun. They should be a welcome break from the hum-drum of the everyday grind, and when you partner with a superb event planning company such as Rythm EFX, you can make a very memorable and indelible impression for life.

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"We rise by lifting others."

- Robert Ingersoll

The Importance Of Giving Back

Giving back is more than the act of providing a meal for someone or donating to a charity; it's about how your gift touches the lives and hearts of others, and although you may never see exactly how you've helped others, you'll be touched a bit as well simply by the act of giving. The act of giving is unique in all of the activities you do in this world, from running to working and changing diapers and raising kids. You give away a bit of yourself when you give. The person you give to receives that from you and passes it on until one day you receive something back as well from someone else. It's in that moment that everyone is changed for the better.

Giveback events are events hosted with a specific charity or cause in mind to support. All of the proceeds from the event are given to the charity or cause. For corporations, this is a great opportunity to share with others and still promote your brand. For individuals, it's great to make a difference in your community and/or world. Giveback events work best when you have a lot of attendees, which is where having a professional event planner, such as Rythm EFX, can make all the difference.

While the goal of a giveback event is to raise as much money as possible, attendees also want to have a great time doing so. And if this is to become an annual event, you have to make a good first impression if you want attendees to return year after year. By investing in custom props and decor, incredible lighting effects, an LED video wall, custom design, confetti, and even pyrotechnics, you'll ensure the success of your event for years to come.

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Popular Team Building & Giveback Events

  • Host a field day
  • Host a craft day
  • Bring in cake and ice cream
  • Host a nature hike
  • Perform sketches
  • Rent a venue for a night
  • Throw an appreciation party
  • Host happy hours
  • Host a board game tournament
  • Volunteer together
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Host a scavenger hunt
  • Host a hashtag/social media post challenge
  • Host a sports team challenge
  • And so much more!
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The Ultimate Purpose: Showing People You Care

While coming together, playing games, and having fun is crucial to your team building or giveback event, the ultimate purpose behind all of the event planning, fancy event lighting, and custom event design work is to show your employees, your charity, and ultimately your community that you care.

Care can be a generic term these days, like when someone asks how you are and you respond "I'm good" no matter if your day has been utterly terrible. Telling someone "I care" can be glossed over and not make an impact at all. Instead, through event planning, you can show people that you care, and that is infinitely more powerful than just casually saying "thank you" or "I appreciate all your hard work."

Rythm EFX treats all of our Northern Colorado events as if they were our own, meticulously planning every detail to ensure that your mission and goals are met, that your attendees indeed feel special, and that you've changed some lives perhaps in some small way. We work tirelessly with our custom design and props for events, our event lighting creations, and our event decor to make an invaluable impression upon the lives of others.

It's so easy to just put on an event and imbibe no meaning. With our event management company, our passion shines through in all that we do, and your attendees will enjoy the experience of your event, rather than just the motions of it. Let us help your team building or giveback event change the world.

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Creating The Best Custom Team Building & Giveback Event

At Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado, we count our blessings everyday that we can make a small impact in the life of others by creating the best team building and giveback events. With years of experience, our event planning company collaborates on every facet, from the initial consultation with you through the day of your team building or giveback event. We are available at any time to answer your questions, offer advice, and take direction for your corporate team building event. We'll create event lighting that will shine into the hearts of your attendees, custom prop pieces that will reflect your company's morals, values, and branding, and special effects that will mesmerize and enchant.

Whether you're hosting a team building event at a local park or you're hosting a charity gala complete with a silent auction, our event management company will ensure every tidbit is taken care of, from the company swag and the charity gifts to the custom table centerpieces and Gobo branded lighting. The mark of success is when you run into an attendee from your giveback event six months later or you overhear your employees talking months later, and they say how amazing and impactful your team building or giveback event was and how they can't wait for the next one.

Partner with Rythm EFX, and we'll give your team or giveback event attendees something to talk about for months.

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