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Custom Wedding Pieces

Making Your Northern Colorado Wedding Divine

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There is something magical about creating something from nothing. Bring that magic to your event with our custom design and decor.

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You can form lasting connections and make sales at conventions and trade shows, but only if you are noticed. Invest in a custom trade show or convention booths today.

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Event lighting can add sparkle, glow, and brilliance throughout your event, illuminating your attendees as well.

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Reinforce your message, your brand, or you with custom event decor.

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A Wedding is A Wedding, Right?

Since the beginning of time, weddings have taken place in one form or another. While weddings originally were simple affairs, with brides and grooms coming together and having a short ceremony before being declared man and wife, over time, people wanted to make their wedding day extra special. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life where you declare you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. You want it to be extra special to you. Thus, weddings have evolved to what they are now — huge events with hundreds of people in attendance who come together to celebrate the union of a couple. From live bands, stages to dance on, and catered food, to beautiful floral arrangements, a gorgeous location, and balloons galore, weddings take a lot of planning to pull off such a large production, which is where wedding event planners come in, such as Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado.

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"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song."

- Plato

Wedding Trends, Ideas, Decor & Pieces to Die For

Along with these weddings comes a desire for unique wedding decorations, props, and lights to truly make the day extraordinary. The trend for weddings has become custom, individualized, and something that not only represents the couple, but also speaks to who they are as people. Custom wedding pieces, such as wedding centerpieces, table decorations, and favors, have become the norm, with elaborate bouquets of flowers or pumpkins for a fall wedding. A themed wedding has become a trend as well, with cascading snowflakes for a winter wonderland theme, or beach balls for a beach-themed wedding.

If you are searching for wedding theme ideas, decoration ideas, or custom wedding pieces, Rythm EFX in Northern Colorado can help. Our wedding event planners have years of experience in designing, planning, and managing weddings. Our wedding design team can help you create a unique, personalized wedding complete with wedding props, outdoor wedding lights, and custom wedding pieces to make your wedding not only speak to who you are, but also be memorable to your wedding guests.

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Why You Need A Wedding Designer

Many people DIY their weddings, which is understandable considering the average price of a wedding only seems to increase, with the average price of a wedding being $33,900 according to The Knot. However, most of these costs are going towards the personalization trend, which for such a meaningful event in your life, the cost does seem justified.

Rythm EFX is a wedding designer in Northern Colorado who specializes in providing customized wedding pieces for weddings, wedding lights, special effects, props, and more. We believe that by adding in these meaningful details, such as monogrammed napkins and wedding favors, you will create a wedding that will not only be enjoyed by all, but you will be able to recall most of the details even 25 years later.

By hiring a wedding planner and designer to manage the personalized details of your wedding, you will be getting a sure-fire wedding to remember. Wedding planners can keep you on budget, offer up amazing vendors, infuse your wedding with creative custom design pieces, and take the stress off your shoulders. They will offer unbiased professional advice and be able to coordinate all of the moving pieces a wedding requires, from the pastor to the photographer without you breaking a sweat. A wedding designer who can create custom wedding pieces is an absolute must if you want a wedding to recall for the ages.

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Great Customized Ideas For Your Northern Colorado Wedding

  • Monogrammed signage
  • Outside-the-box wedding props
  • Lighted pathways with candles
  • LED video wall for your best photographs
  • Customized wedding props
  • Unique welcome gifts
  • Customized stationary, name plates, and menus
  • Potted plants instead of flowers that can then be given to guests as presents when they leave
  • Unique dinner ideas, such as your favorite binge foods or cocktail night
  • Invite food trucks for the ultimate guest customization
  • Favorite animal themes, such as ladybugs, scattered throughout your wedding
  • LED lighting
  • Curved tables
  • Self-serve beverages
  • Tarot card reader
  • Games for your guests
  • Custom wedding pieces packed with tradition
  • And so much more!
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Custom Design & Decor

The Wedding Take-Away

You have but one life to lead, and your wedding is the one day where life can be all about you. For the vast majority of us, this may be the only day where having all eyes on you is acceptable, so why not make the most of it. Investing in custom wedding pieces, a wedding planner, and a wedding ceremony to die for is ultimately an investment in yourself, creating life-long memories that can get you through the rough times that inevitably lie ahead — and you don't have to break the bank in order to do so.

Most of our clients are on a budget, and sticking to your budget is one of the most important jobs of a professional wedding planner, such as Rythm EFX. For years, we've been helping brides and grooms in Northern Colorado plan their perfect wedding, which looks different for everyone. In fact, our wedding planners love to take your unique quirks and characteristics, as well as interests and likes, and infuse them in your wedding decorations, decor, ceremony, lights, props, invitations, and more. Working closely with you, we'll bring your wedding ideas to life so you have the most magical of days.

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