Pyrotechnics at Rythm EFX!

Things are heating up at Rythm EFX! Though you may have seen our other effects, such as our bubble machines, our confetti cannons, and our Sparkulars, we offer other effects as well. There is something about fire effects that adds to the excitement of a big event. Recently, Rythm EFX had the privilege to provide special effects for local Colorado State football games. At the events, Rythm EFX was able to showcase our Sparkular displays, colored smoke effects, and even fire effects! Yes, that’s right, real fire displays!

Fire Effects for Your Celebration

You may wonder if this kind of display is safe. With this specific display, our trained technicians must be on site, operating the effect. By having one of us operate the fire effects, we can ensure that the fire displays are used properly and safely. Not to mention, if a problem arises with the display, such as an absence of fire, our technicians can work diligently to fix the problem before the effect is needed.
Having one of our technicians on site, most importantly, ensures that our effects are used safely. Fire, as you may well know, has the potential to be dangerous. And, with our effects, we use fire cannons that propel fire to blast into the air. It doesn’t take a genius to know that fire blasting into the air has the potential to be hazardous. So, when renting out our fire effects, know that our technicians are coming along purely for your safety.

Benefits to Fire Displays From Rythm EFX

Fire is a cool effect to have at sporting events, holiday parties, and even business events. Anytime your team enters the stadium, or if you have an important announcement, you can set off a fantastic visual display of controlled flames. The most obvious benefit to our fire displays is that they are an incredible display to behold. Second, because the flames are extremely controlled in upwards bursts, they can add excitement to your event. And lastly, fire displays are a great way to open up a show, a party, or even a sports game. If you have something important to say or a team to introduce, fire displays are the best way to give focus and attention to an audience.

If you are interested in our fire displays, please contact Rythm EFX today! We have representatives that would be happy to answer any of your questions on pricing, dates, and anything else you are curious about. Call us!