LED light and video walls have come a long way in the past few years.

You might think that LED video effects are going to be too costly for your concert, event or production. Think again. The latest systems are easy to put up and take down. The less labor intensive systems are much less expensive to use.

Even better, LED video and light walls are not just walls. The flexibility and shapes available today mean that you can create just about any stunning light effect you want. Keep reading to learn more.

Oracle Black Widow HD-9

The new standard of performance in the Creative LED arena

Lightweight, IP-65, 9mm pitch, 7,000 nits, 1500hz. refresh rate

The best panel on the market! The Black Widow HD-9 delivers a crisp image and the super bright LED makes for great use even in daylight. With the ability to make a 15 degree curve, and the multiple ways to hang, it makes for endless design possibilities. Rated IP-65 water resistant for use in outdoor applications.


The EFX-20 offers an outstanding LED Video System that is the leading transparent High Resolution that is ideal for touring, events & television. With tough aluminum frames, patented “Quick-Lock” fixings and elegant power & video wiring solutions, the system is extremely light to handle and very quick and easy to set up and go!

*The patented “Quick Lock” studs simply “click” the panels together in a matter of seconds. Clean, fast, and safe.

EFX-37 Panels

The EFX-37 offers a lightweight, virtually transparent LED Display that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications. With its 37mm pitch, 2,000 nit. brightness, the EFX curtain is a great solution for design and large viewing distances. The panels 1′ x 4′ strips that are bendable, making it easy to design new, eye-catching formations.