Few things can give off the look and feel of legitimacy as much as an LED Video and Light Wall. With a crisp picture, you can make a huge impact on an audience using one of these displays. While you might think an LED Video and Light Wall is out of your price range, you’d be surprised how affordable they are to rent. That’s thanks to the massive advancements that have taken place in the technology used, which not only make them more lightweight and flexible, but also easier to put up and take down. When systems like this require less labor, they become far less expensive to use.

For many years, video walls were essentially large TV sets, which meant they were heavy, difficult to set up, and did not offer much freedom to make creative designs. The flexibility and shapes of LED Video and Light Walls make it possible to curate an entirely unique light effect that will wow everyone in attendance. Pretty much anything you can think of can be done with these wondrous walls.

One of the biggest benefits this technology has over classical video walls is its ability to produce a crisp and bright image, even in broad daylight, without any glare distorting the display. The Oracle Black Widow HD-9 is even rated IP-65 for water resistance, making it perfect for outdoor events, regardless of weather conditions. These technological advancements have opened up many different options for using LED Walls to bring an event to a whole new level of presentation. If you want to really make an impact on people attending your event, few things work as well as an LED Video and Light Wall.

-Events That Benefit From LED Video and Light Walls


Whether it’s a synchronized light show moving to the music, the band’s name on full display behind them, or a rocking video adding a whole new level of depth to the performance, there are nearly endless possibilities for how an LED Wall can add to a concert or music festival. You can even use one to display the schedule for the night in an easily readable form so everyone can keep track of the night’s events.

Church Gatherings:

An LED Wall can display the selected readings for the day so everyone can follow along during normal church service, or it can be used to add another layer of depth for other types of church events. It could be set up to cycle through different quotes, scheduling, or just nice pictures to help bring together a specific theme for the event.

Sporting Events:

LED Video Walls can be utilized to great effect for a wide range of sporting events. Whether they’re used to display the score of the game and other statistics or they’re combined with Image Magnification Equipment (IMAG) for instant replays, it can totally change how fans watch the game. They can even be used for displaying sponsorship information for companies that have purchased ad space for the event. Program a special animation for when someone hits a home run or scores a goal to add even more excitement to the game.

Corporate Events:

There are a lot of options that open up for corporate get-togethers with an LED Video Wall. Using it to display a presentation, running pictures of the employees that have been taken over the years, or even just putting out your company’s logo in bright, vibrant lights can all make an event feel like something truly special. Your employees and co-workers will feel a new sense of pride in where they work when they see it on a beautiful screen for everyone to see. This also helps give your event a level of presentation that is very attractive if you’re hoping to bring in new business or partnerships with other companies.

No matter what type of event you’re putting on, adding LED Video and Light Walls make a definite impression. Call Rythm EFX today to learn more about our LED Video Wall services.