Water/Fire Effect Lights

Add depth and dimension to your stage or any focal point at your event, concert or production. Our water and fire effect lights are one of the most powerful ways to create a unique and memorable effect.

It is amazing what they deliver given how simple and cost-efficient these lighting effects are.

These are some of the most powerful little light effects we own! Combine them with a simple color wheel and you’re off and running.

UV Blacklight Palettes

These little babies pack a punch! Only 12″ x 6″, our DMX-controllable UV blacklights can saturate a very large area.

Truss-mountable and adjustable to be angled in different directions, these powerful UV blacklights work great in nightclubs, concerts, private parties, and more.

We carry a large inventory, because, let’s face it, with UV blacklights, the bigger the better! Are we right?  

LED Lights, 3′ RGB

These may look boring, but they are anything but, and are hands-down our most versatile special effects light.

They are easy to set up, whether you want to set them on the floor, hang them on the truss, or make a cool design across the stage with them.

LED lighting is incredibly lightweight, making them incredibly versatile. You can choose Blue, Green, or Red, or different blends. They even have a music control so they can move to the beat of the music if you want.

Our lighting designers have pixel mapping capability and full DMX control of your LED light effects. The sky is really the limit!

Strobe Lights

What big event wouldn’t be complete without strobe lights? It’s that one button you can push that makes the audience scream EVERY SINGLE TIME. The more the better on this one.

JBLED Moving Head Lights (Martin 301 Compatible)

Compact and powerful. The JBLED A7 Zoom features 108 high-power LEDs, with a wide color range, including a beautiful white, which can be hard to achieve in LED Lighting, and an optical zoom. They make an excellent wash light for concerts & festivals, theatrical lighting, performing arts, ballroom events, and sporting events.

KL-1 575 Moving Head Lights

The KL-1 Moving Head Light was designed with the small to medium show in mind. It produces a beautiful effect with a powerful 575w lamp, and functions for both a lighting designer and your Average Joe.

It’s easy to set up, not too heavy like traditional moving heads, and it has a “music control” setting w/sensitivity control so you can set it and walk away. It can be controlled by DMX or a lighting designer. It has gobos, prisms, and a color wheel.

Gold Beacon Lights

Siren lights or emergency lights can be a lot of fun when used en masse or for a reveal or celebration. We carry them in gold and can coordinate them with other lights such as strobe lights or moving lights to really get the crowd excited!