At Rythm EFX, we want you to have the best party or celebration imaginable. Because of this, our special effects company is allowing you to rent out our equipment! That means you can have complete control over our equipment, including deciding where and when you want to use it during your party. From foam party rentals, fog machines, and other fun items, you can rent what is available for your party. But, of course, if you are uncomfortable handling our machines yourself, you can always hire a technician to help you set up the machines and use them during your party.

How Rentals from Rythm EFX Work?

In order to simplify how our business works, we have compiled a step-by-step list for our party equipment rental process.

Step 1 – Contact Rythm EFX via either phone (970) 297-2859 or by filling out this form.
Step 2 – A Rythm EFX staff member will discuss the finer details with you and provide a quote.
Step 3 – Rythm EFX will send you a waiver for you to sign and return to us.
Step 4 – Your special effects equipment is provided to you.
Step 5 – Enjoy your party/event!
Step 6 – Equipment is returned to Rythm EFX (it can be picked up by Rythm EFX or it can be returned by the customer).

And just like that, you have completed your equipment rental with Rythm EFX — it really is that easy!

Now that you know more about our process, here is the information we will ask about when you give us a call!

  • What is Your Name?
  • What Special Effect You Would Like to Rent?
  • Where is Your Celebration?
  • How Long You Would Like to Rent For?

**More information might be needed

Our rental service allows you to decide whether you would like a technician(s) present at your celebration. However, an extra hand for loading and unloading the machinery might be beneficial. Also, a bit of expertise might be ideal, especially because many people who rent our equipment don’t have experience using special effects technology.

By having a technician assigned to your special effects rental, they can help you if there is a malfunction with the equipment at the party. With a technician on-hand, they may be able to fix the problem in no time, and allow you to carry on with your celebration.

It is important to note that not all of our special effects are available for rent. Items, such as our confetti cannons and our LED light walls, will have to be manned by a Rythm EFX staff member.