Baby Gender Reveals: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Recently, the internet has blown up with videos of couples displaying their baby gender reveals. Finding out the sex of your baby can be a fun experience, and even more so when you have an exciting reveal planned. Well, the internet has become inundated with these big reveals, both good and bad. But what makes a good or bad reveal? Typically, to-be parents will use some sort of special effects to report the gender of their baby. Of course, hilarity can ensue when parents choose special effects that they don’t know how to use or control.
At Rythm EFX, we are Denver’s premier custom special effects company. We can help supply your big reveal with everything you need to make it spectacular. If you are having a baby gender reveal, make sure it is one no one will forget — for the right reasons!
In this blog, we will be discussing some of the special effects at Rythm EFX you can incorporate in your baby gender reveal. By reading this blog, we hope you can get inspired and even find something you like. If you would like to rent any of our special effects equipment, please let us know!

What are Gender Reveals?

Baby gender reveals have picked up traction lately, as different couples are coming up with more unique ideas for their baby reveals. Baby gender reveals are trending on social media platforms as well, especially the failed reveals or the humorous reactions of the big brothers or big sisters. Baby gender reveals are mainly popular because they are adorable to watch and uplifting. Because of this, the internet features a lot more gender reveals than in the past.
But what are gender reveals?
Well, as the name of the event states, to-be parents reveal the gender of their baby! Reveals can happen a number of ways (as there is no official rule book). For instance, to-be parents may know or not know the sex of their baby. Also, gender reveals can be conducted privately, with just the parents, or in a party setting with family and friends.


The Best and the Worst Reveals?

What makes a good, or bad, gender reveal? Well, the reveals that generally show intricacy or self-constructed features, typically malfunction or break in some way. These are considered “bad” gender reveals. However, when reveals don’t work out the way they are supposed to, the internet generally likes them more. The best reveals are cute and creative, often showing off the personalities and character traits of the parents. Good gender reveals are often very creative and provide more of an “excitement factor.”

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t get too carried away with your baby’s gender reveal. As there have been viral videos of incredibly sweet gender reveals, the internet has also showed how gender reveals can go horribly wrong. There have been gender reveals where people have been hurt and property was destroyed. For example, an Arizona couple announced their baby reveal on April 23, 2017 by shooting a makeshift target. Once hit, the target was supposed to blow up and shower the ground with blue or pink powder. Instead, the target blew up and started a terrible fire that burned up 47,000 acres of land, resulting in over 8 million dollars in damages. Don’t allow your gender reveal to damage, destroy or stain anything you care about. Sometimes, bigger reveals don’t always mean better.

When it comes to your gender reveal, keep it sweet and safe. At Rythm EFX effects, we are fans of the saying, “Go big, or go home.” After all, you only have so many opportunities to plan your own baby gender reveal. Make the event something for people to remember. However, we are also big fans of the saying, “Go big, but make it home.”

What We Offer and Some Incredible Ideas!

Now let’s get to what we offer. At Rythm EFX, we have everything you could want to make your baby’s gender reveal the best day ever. We have equipment that can amplify your reveal to optimize the excitement level of the experience. Don’t settle for a mediocre reveal, choose special effects! By entrusting our professional custom special effects company, you can gain excellent effects and use them safely.
At Rythm EFX we offer a plethora of features to have at your baby gender reveal. Ultimately, what you choose will determine what kind of a reveal you will have. Whether you need our effects of professional gender reveal portraits or a gender reveal party reveal, we can help you.

Below is a run-down of some of the special effects you can use at your baby gender reveal!

Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are not used as much as they used to, but they are fun and very exciting. Not only do they have entertainment value, but they can add more excitement to the event. With our confetti cannons, to ensure they are used properly, we can have a technician on-site monitoring its use. This can ensure that the cannon you are renting is used properly and safely. Though confettis aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can be difficult to set up. With a technician and expert on site, we can ensure that your cannon goes off without a hitch!

Using our confetti cannon can be easy at your gender reveal; all you have to do is line up your guests under the cannon and count down. Once the count is over, our technician can pull the trigger and hundreds of pieces of confetti can rain down on your guests. Best of all, the confetti can be colored either pink or blue to determine the sex of your baby.

If you are going to choose a confetti cannon for your big reveal, we recommend using our cannon indoors and not outside. Because we offer our customers hundreds of confetti pieces, it can require a bit of clean up afterwards. If you reveal is outside, the confetti can spread and even get carried by the wind. This means your confetti cannon display may not work as well as you want it to and you will have more area to clean up.


For those who can a bit for pizzazz to your reveal, Rythm EFX offers Sparkular technology. What is it? Sparkular pyrotechnics offers dramatic, fiery displays without the dangers of fire. Typically, this type of technology is reserved for stage performances and sports games, but it could also be utilized for your baby gender reveal.
Sparkular technology is completely safe and can fire upwards with a gorgeous illuminating display for 10 minutes. Better yet, sparkulars don’t burn so you are at no risk of damaging anything (or causing millions of dollars in damages). How is this possible?
Sparkular technology does not burn and only ignites at a temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Traditional pyrotechnics can burn over 1,200 degrees and cause significant damages. With Sparkular technology, you can still have the wonderment of a special effect, without worrying about the safety of your guests.


Fire is dazzling to watch and is a sure way to up the ante at your big baby gender reveal party. But, as stated above, it is important to remember that fire displays can be dangerous. Because our fire displays require expertise, we mandate that a Rythm EFX technician come to your even and coordinate your pyrotechnic displays. This way, we can ensure that your pyrotechnic display is properly set up and displayed with no casualties. Though fire displays can be dangerous, with one of our technicians on-hand, you will be able to properly show your baby’s gender, safely.

Custom Light Displays

There are so many baby reveal ideas that occur outdoors in the daylight. If you want your baby gender reveal to be different, yet still exciting, we recommend a custom light display. How? Well, at Rythm EFX, we offer custom light designs for our customers in and around the Denver area. With a custom display, we can coordinate lights to music or to your specific wishes to display certain colors. For instance, you can have a light display and coordinate it to your favorite song. Once the song is over, the lights can shine to reveal with pink or blue lights. Unique idea, right? Try it! Call Rythm EFX today to schedule your light display today!


Rythm EFX: Helping Out With Your Baby Gender Reveals

At Rythm EFX, we have plenty of special effects for you to choose from. We have confetti blasters, cannons, bubble machines, pyrotechnics, and so much more. With all of these special effects at your disposal, you can plan an unforgettable baby reveal idea. When planning to display the sex of your baby to family and friends, choose a creative plan. Contact Rythm EFX today!