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Event Management Services

Making Your Northern Colorado Event Soar

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Event Types

Begin by creating an overarching vision, theme, and plan here.

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Our event planners will narrow down your options and begin to fill in the blanks of your vision as the pieces take shape.

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Event coordinating and managing the event are where the pieces take on life and the magic happens.

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Bringing all of the pieces together into a cohesive unit to leave a lasting impression behind.

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Who We Are

Rythm EFX has been helping individuals and businesses in Northern Colorado with their event planning and event management needs for over a decade. We specialize in creating unique events tailored to your needs, from custom design and planning to custom props, lighting, decor, LED walls, special effects, and more. We offer image magnification for big screens, ensuring everyone at your event can see the speaker and all the action on stage. No two event designs and plans we create are the same, and we aim to keep it that way. If you're looking for an all-inclusive event management company, Rythm EFX has got your needs covered. Our mission is to alleviate the stress you may be feeling from your big event, whether it's your wedding or a corporate event where you are entertaining clients, and let us handle it for you. You can rest easy knowing your event planning is in good hands.

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Event Management Packages

Design & Consulting

Great events don't just happen; they take hours of planning and coordination in order to make them powerful and impactful for the human brain. In order to do this, your event coordinator will craft a unique experience. We start by considering what your guests will need, from food and entertainment to seating and a coat rack. No detail is overlooked. Next our event organizers customize your event to your specifications. If you are having a winter wedding, snow falling over your attendees would be a great first impression. If you are having a corporate event outside on a July day, having sunscreen, bottled water, and hats available can really make a difference in an attendee's experience. Finally, our event production team will make your attendees love your event, with lighting, special effects, custom stage design, and memorable moments to last a lifetime.

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Event Design & Consulting

Rythm EFX is a Northern Colorado event planning company dedicated to bringing the vision for your event to life. We can take the stress out of your event, so you can concentrate on making memories to last a lifetime.

Event Planning & Management

Once your Northern Colorado event has been designed, the fun part begins! It's time to plan your event. This is where your date and timeline are created, as well as your venue selection. While some of these may already have been set, it's time to plan down to the hour, from the time setup begins to time takedown ends. When you partner with Rythm EFX, our event management team will take over, coordinating all of the moving pieces to create your vision. We'll help you plan the agenda and layout your space, using our expertise to maximize the number of participants while giving them the elbow room that they need without stumbling over staging and the like. From the event decor to the entertainment and food, our event planning business can handle the coordination of your caterer, flower arrangement and delivery, and more.

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Event Planning & Management

Event Logistics & Site Operations

Our event planners' mission at Rythm EFX is to be present but always in the background, walking that fine line of being there when you need us to disappearing completely when you don’t. Our mission is to shower you with abundant care and attention and then let you alone to enjoy your event. Our various event packages allow you to choose the level of customer care that you desire, giving you even more flexibility and control for your event. When vendors have questions, we'll field them, and we'll handle all of the minute details that crop up, such as Wi-Fi access for your guests, transportation options, and event desired event security. Ensuring every chair is in its place, every microphone is working properly, and every port-a-potty or bathroom is ready are details that can make a big impact in your attendees' experience. Our event managers want your guests to be wowed as much as you do, and when that happens, only then do we label your event as mission accomplished.

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Event Logistics & Operations

Custom Design & Branding

Custom designs and branding are where the true impressions take place and what will set your event out from the crowd. First, you'll need an overall theme that is compelling and perhaps a bit unexpected or edgy — even just a play on words can be enough. Our Northern Colorado event managers will help you create a tagline, or slogan, that goes along with your brand. You can also create a unique logo and go all out with customized promotional products as well. The key to creating a memorable experience is connecting all of the dots to your overall theme and brand, from the decor, entertainment, and the catering. When everyone and everything is on message, with subtle reminders and clues sprinkled throughout the venue and the night, you'll leave a lasting impression that attendees will recall. And it's in those moments that your business, product, brand, or special event will be thought of. That is true success.

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Custom Designs & Branding


Making Your Northern Colorado Event Stress-Free

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